5 Rules for Managers to Live By

Do you remember the first time you managed someone… wondering if you were doing things right? Striking a balance between coach, friend and boss?


I still don’t know if I have the magic formula, so I was happy when Pete Van Bloem turned me on to this article about how to manage employees to get the best results.


Here’s the main takeaway:


“In my experience, this idea of describing the outcome and letting a skilled professional determine how best to get there often results in a more committed worker, higher quality work, and a proud employee. Describe the outcome you are trying to achieve, be clear on the requirements, and preserve the worker’s autonomy.”


Classic Expect versus Inspect. Teach them to fish rather than feed them for a day.


If you were to write your own advice to managers — How would it go?


Here’s mine, written as a worker’s manifesto:


  1. I want to come to the conclusion on my own rather than being told what to do.
  2. At the same time, I don’t want to guess at what you want.
  3. I want the freedom to make my own decisions. I want to have ownership over my job and responsibilities.
  4. You are my best example of how to act.
  5. Show me you value my opinion by including me in the solution.


Curious to hear yours!



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