Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Recruiter

My husband works in real estate. Much like the recruiting business, there are all sorts of real estate agents: Ambitious, hard-working professionals, as well as part-timers and hobbyists looking to make a couple bucks on the side. When you’re choosing someone to guide you on high-stakes transactions – whether purchasing a home or attracting the […]

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Tips for Employers Hiring in the Pandemic

UPDATE! I recently spoke about this with Marc Bautis on the Agent of Wealth podcast. You can listen to the episode here. My favorite coffee shop reopened this week, for to-go coffee and pastries only, but I took it as a promising sign. As the economy gets going again, it will hopefully lead to job […]

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The Importance of Seeing Each Other

Will social distancing cause the most socially distant employees to retreat even further? Let us start the work week with an antidote for loneliness. Why it’s important: A friend of mine that does post-production work for a NYC agency related that many of his colleagues hadn’t had physical with anyone for 3 weeks. In the […]

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