A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Store

New Personalization Tools Are Shaping the Customer Journey Posted by Mary Ann Kelly   Leading eCommerce agency Fluid recently hosted a webinar about the new rules for brand interactions across channels. Bottom line: Marketers without the ability to deliver real-time personalized messaging are going to miss out. Old-school segmentation, where we make assumptions about who our […]

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The Poem Store

Back to the Sunday morning yoga instructor who told us about The Happiness Movie.   Today she related how she stumbled on a new stand at her local farmer’s market. It consisted of a folding table with a typewriter on it, and a sign that read “Poem Store. Choose your topic and your price.” Wow, […]

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The Work Sabbatical

A couple weeks ago we talked about Cesar Kuriyama and the TED Talk that ultimately inspired the invention of the One Second Every Day app. Did you watch the Stefan Sagmeister talk? He had this provocative idea:   Right now we spend about in the first 25 years of our lives learning, then there is another 40 […]

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