The Best Agency Cultures: kbs+

Welcome to our 3-part series on how great agency cultures are created. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be exploring local agency cultures: What they’re doing that’s wild, innovative and fun. How they attract like-minded talent and inspire their teams to be at their best.   And, we hope you’re paying attention, because then we’re going […]

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My Friend, J. Crew

This April 2014 Inc. article about super hot branding shop, Partners & Spade is worth a read.   The Spade is Andy Spade, who helped then-girlfriend Kate Spade launch her handbag line in the early 1990s and later brought fashion brand Jack Spade to market. They teamed up with their old art director, Andy Sperduti […]

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Buoyancy and Inspiration

I must seem cranky and anxious lately because my husband slipped this article into my Inbox: 15 Ways to Become a Happier Small-Business Owner. OK hon, I get it!   But there’s some good stuff here, along the lines of How to keep your natural buoyancy and inspiration when the future is unclear.   And […]

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