Buoyancy and Inspiration

I must seem cranky and anxious lately because my husband slipped this article into my Inbox: 15 Ways to Become a Happier Small-Business Owner. OK hon, I get it!   But there’s some good stuff here, along the lines of How to keep your natural buoyancy and inspiration when the future is unclear.   And […]

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Go to War, Write a Book, Work in Advertising.

Remember Piers Platt, the Rosetta analyst we interviewed back in December 2010 about recruiting practices for strategy consultants? He just published a book about his deployment in Iraq!   It’s called Combat and Other Shenanigans: Tales of the Absurd from a Deployment to Iraq, and as the title would suggest, it captures the lighter moments […]

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Make Good Choices.

Last week my 4-year old’s school was doing a hop-a-thon fundraiser to benefit kids and families with special needs. So I went in and read a book about autism and cheered for each class as they hopped for dollars.   While there, I got the rare chance to witness Alexa’s incredibly awesome teachers in action. […]

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