3 Steps to an Easier Resignation

You’ve done it. You’ve accepted a job offer and are excited to start your awesome new role. Congratulations! There’s just one thing standing between you and absolute happiness: You need to have that dreaded resignation conversation with your boss.   Ugh. It’s unpleasant. You hope your boss will be understanding and supportive, but honestly you […]

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The Priorities of a Working Parent

In response to our February 11th Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” post, one Account Director recounts how her father balanced work, family and personal interests:   My father was a Rheumatologist. He had his own practice for many years and he worked very hard. No matter how busy his day or how much he struggled with […]

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Marissa Mayer: Can I See You in My Office?

Imagine that you just had a new baby and would welcome a more flexible work schedule, including the opportunity to work from home occasionally. Imagine also that you’re the boss, responsible for setting an example for your team and getting the best out of people, ensuring collaboration, innovation and productivity… not just from your best […]

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