When the Fit Hits the Shan

In advertising, we’re accustomed to handling a lot of crises: Missed deadlines, errant media buys, underperforming campaigns, working well past the profitability threshold, etc.   This post isn’t about any of that stuff.   It’s about the shanfit that ensues when a new hire isn’t working out and what to do about it.   If […]

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The Perfect Hire Starts with the Perfect Job Description

When’s the last time you read an excellent job description?   The kind where after reading it, you thought: I know exactly how this person spends their day, what they’re responsible for and what skills will help them succeed.   I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever read a job description that made me want […]

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Sorry to Drag You Into This

Ever since Jenifer Cameli found this note in a conference room, I’ve been trying to work it into a blog post. It wasn’t until this weekend that I found my muse.   It was the swim start at the Rev3 Quassy triathlon in Middlebury, CT. A breathtaking, quintessential New England town just 10 minutes from […]

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