What I Should Be Doing: Collecting Contemporary Artwork

LAURENCE LAFFORGUE, Founder, ArtWeLove Last September, I debuted this blog with an interview from ArtWeLove’s founder, Laurence Lafforgue. Laurence left a career in digital marketing with NYC agencies to launch ArtWeLove in 2008. The site is a marketplace for artwork from today’s hottest artists, featuring limited-edition prints starting at $15. Her business was born out […]

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"Busy is a Lack of Priorities"

OMG, this time of year has me channeling my inner Kelly Ripa. Between holiday prep and socializing, end-of-year stuff, work and family obligations, I’m wondering if/how I can “be even more amazing.” I feel stretched to keep all the balls in the air and I figure you do too, so I went looking for advice […]

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