Advice For Hiring Managers

When Things Go Wrong in InterviewLand, Part 2

Past posts about interviews gone wrong assumed that the candidate screwed up. But we, as interviewers, also have a responsibility to shape the way interviews unfold. Imagine if a talk show host, news anchor or sports reporter didn’t prepare for an interview. They didn’t research what had already been written and asked silly questions, or […]

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The Producer Everybody Wants

We were recently told by a hiring manager that flexibility is the most-coveted AND hard-to-come-by trait among producers. Hard to come by because producers often feel the squeeze between the client ask, budget, and what the Creative team wants to deliver. They have to both manage the scope and embrace the possibilities… presenting clever workarounds […]

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Top Trends in the Way Millennials Work

The world is changing. “The majority of U.S. workers today are millennials (those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s). And by 2020 they will occupy over 50 percent of the global workforce.” Millenials think differently about work than previous generations, and understanding the things they value is key to attracting and retaining younger talent. Gloria […]

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Jeff Greene: Maybe You Shouldn’t Hire a VP of Digital Strategy

We were captivated by Jeff Greene’s article about hiring a digital strategy lead because we can relate to it.   We’ve been asked many times by clients to find someone “to help grow their digital engagements.”  This is almost never a single hire, though most agencies are hopeful for a guru. As Jeff observes, we’re talking about […]

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Does Agency Life Support Working Parents?

My husband and I became friendly with the quintessential Parisian couple: Effortlessly stylish, never age or take a bad picture, have high-powered jobs and give birth to supermodels.   And of course, Facebook shows them mostly sailing around Anguilla or hitting farmstands in the French Riviera. Because they have 6 weeks of vacation during the […]

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