Advice For Hiring Managers

How to Hire On It People

Welcome back. In last week’s post we talked about the deeply moving experience of being around “On It” people… the people that volunteer to shovel dirt and end up moving mountains. Here’s what I promised for Part 2: How to identify and screen for the On It qualities, e.g. Entrepreneurial, Natural Leaders, Accountable, and Conscientious. […]

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I'm On It: People That Make Stuff Happen

There’s nothing as intoxicating as these three words: “I’M ON IT.” As in… 1.       I just read that wicked long email you forwarded me. I’ll make sense out of it and ensure we take necessary action. 2.       Wow, the client sounds completely ticked off. I’ll smooth things over. 3.       Don’t worry, hon. I’ll talk to […]

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Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

BE LUCKY.  I love this entry from Katie Couric’s book, The Best Advice I Ever Got. Tony Hsieh is the guy who has doubled Zappos’ revenues every year, to over $1 billion in annual revenues today. At age 24, he sold one of his first companies – an advertising network called LinkExchange – to Microsoft […]

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Piers Platt, Director, Consulting Practice at Rosetta

College Recruiting for Strategic Consultants Piers is a Director at Rosetta – a well-respected strategic consultancy that has evolved into one of the country’s premier interactive agencies. The consulting practice attracts talent from places like McKinsey, Monitor and Nielsen, and offers business strategy, segmentation and patented analytic services. Piers is a rising star there – […]

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