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Tips for Employers Hiring in the Pandemic

UPDATE! I recently spoke about this with Marc Bautis on the Agent of Wealth podcast. You can listen to the episode here. My favorite coffee shop reopened this week, for to-go coffee and pastries only, but I took it as a promising sign. As the economy gets going again, it will hopefully lead to job […]

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The Importance of Seeing Each Other

Will social distancing cause the most socially distant employees to retreat even further? Let us start the work week with an antidote for loneliness. Why it’s important: A friend of mine that does post-production work for a NYC agency related that many of his colleagues hadn’t had physical with anyone for 3 weeks. In the […]

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The Cure for Workplace Loneliness

Loneliness is on the rise, according to a new study commissioned by Cigna, with more than 3 in 5 Americans reporting they feel “left out, poorly understood and lacking companionship.” Can you guess which generation feels the most alone? Would you believe the youngest… the ones with the most followers, likes, shares, stories, etc. 81% […]

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Trailblazing with Laura Mortensen – How Sharp’s New President Built Their Social Practice From a Single Assignment

It’s 2011. You have the opportunity to lead strategy for one of the earliest brands to embrace social at their AOR. They are #alreadywinning, and it’s sure to be heady and high-profile. Or, you can roll the dice on a social media newbie and their privately-held, 25-person PR agency. Maybe they’ll be convinced that social […]

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Take Your Parents to Work Day is November 4th!

Posted by Mary Ann Kelly Do your parents understand what you do for a living? Not really? According to LinkedIn, they’re in good company. Researchers discovered that 1 in 3 parents don’t understand their child’s job. So 4 years ago, the idea of bringing your parents to work was born. The annual event, called Bring In Your Parents Day, is […]

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The Casting Call at NYC Agencies: Younger is Better?

Do you remember the exact moment you became old? Old, as in, “OMG, why is everyone suddenly younger than me?!” Fortunately, for me it was this moment, around 39, and not this moment. The crazy thing is I didn’t see it coming. Inside, I felt completely the same: Sharp, fit, alert, invincible. But the outside world […]

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