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Top Trends in the Way Millennials Work

The world is changing. “The majority of U.S. workers today are millennials (those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s). And by 2020 they will occupy over 50 percent of the global workforce.” Millenials think differently about work than previous generations, and understanding the things they value is key to attracting and retaining younger talent. Gloria […]

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Does Agency Life Support Working Parents?

My husband and I became friendly with the quintessential Parisian couple: Effortlessly stylish, never age or take a bad picture, have high-powered jobs and give birth to supermodels.   And of course, Facebook shows them mostly sailing around Anguilla or hitting farmstands in the French Riviera. Because they have 6 weeks of vacation during the […]

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The Best Agency Cultures: kbs+

Welcome to our 3-part series on how great agency cultures are created. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be exploring local agency cultures: What they’re doing that’s wild, innovative and fun. How they attract like-minded talent and inspire their teams to be at their best.   And, we hope you’re paying attention, because then we’re going […]

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Let's Make a Holacracy

  I like Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. He does brave, unconventional things that have produced enviable results.   Like forever changing the way people shop for shoes by offering legendary customer service, free return shipping and a 24/7 supply chain. (No kidding, all you have to do is think New Balance running shoes […]

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An Office of One’s Own

Hey, did you guys catch this recent Fast Company article blasting open office layouts? Thank god someone finally said this out loud! I’ve often wondered how things got done when you’re sitting so close to someone you can smell their sandwich and there’s no quiet or privacy.   But maybe that’s not the case for […]

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Consolidation Craze & Craziness: How to Communicate Effectively During a Merger

Imagine this: You manage a few people – or a lot of people – and your company recently announced a merger (or sale!). The emotions of your team range from anxious to dejected to outraged. They’re asking you what it’s all about and what the future holds, and you’re not entirely clear yourself.   Maybe […]

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