The Kool-Aid at Trader Joe's – Secrets to Happy Employees

Have you ever noticed that Trader Joe’s employees are abnormally cheerful and eager to help? For example, last night my cashier was singing and drumming on the counter to “You Sexy Thing.” And the cashier next door was juggling (ok, exaggerating). Meanwhile, the employees down the street at Target are ill-tempered buffoons unfriendly and complacent. […]

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Blowing Up Soul-Crushing Fiefdoms

Microsoft’s Former COO on Overcoming the Fiefdom Syndrome Healthy, vibrant workplace cultures make my job as a recruiter easier. People want to work for companies that have cultures that value and reward innovative thinking, passion and commitment. As a result, the magic of how winning cultures are established and evolve has always intrigued me – […]

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Derek Correia, CEO, Source Marketing

5 Ways to Inspire Teams A buddy of mine loves to punctuate long training runs with speed drills. After logging several miles, my reaction is typically, “You jerk! Seriously?!” But then I’m sprinting, figuring it will make me a stronger runner. The same principle applied to working for Derek Correia at G2. After rigorous decathlons […]

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