The Priorities of a Working Parent

In response to our February 11th Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” post, one Account Director recounts how her father balanced work, family and personal interests:   My father was a Rheumatologist. He had his own practice for many years and he worked very hard. No matter how busy his day or how much he struggled with […]

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Am I on the Right Track?

The other day I was in Hudson News looking for something to read on the train and I suddenly realized that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS YOUNGER THAN ME. Rihanna. Kate Middleton. Mila Kunis. Lolo Jones. Marissa Mayer. News anchors. CEOs. Everyone.   When did this happen?!  I don’t feel old, and just seconds ago […]

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DIY Performance Reviews

Welcome to Do-It-Yourself Performance Reviews. If you think you’re here for regular performance reviews, administered by your boss in a timely fashion without nagging, you’re in the wrong place. Just get up quietly and leave thru the door at the back.   The rest of you may already have recognized that your professional development, learning […]

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