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Should You Hire a Financial Planner?

What advice do you need to get your financial house in order? Here is my financial planner, Marc Bautis of Bautis Financial talking about the things he does for his clients: From getting a handle on cash flow, to setting up a passive income stream, and everything in between! Important Show Notes: http://bautisfinancial.com/ marc@bautisfinancial.com Marc’s phone: […]

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Take Your Parents to Work Day is November 4th!

Posted by Mary Ann Kelly Do your parents understand what you do for a living? Not really? According to LinkedIn, they’re in good company. Researchers discovered that 1 in 3 parents don’t understand their child’s job. So 4 years ago, the idea of bringing your parents to work was born. The annual event, called Bring In Your Parents Day, is […]

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From High Five Moment to Google

One of my secret recruiter talents is that I can stalk people tirelessly for years. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. I love watching the candidates I work with realize important life milestones, from finishing their MBA to getting married, to having babies or buying their first house. Many times I’ll have a “feeling” […]

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The Casting Call at NYC Agencies: Younger is Better?

Do you remember the exact moment you became old? Old, as in, “OMG, why is everyone suddenly younger than me?!” Fortunately, for me it was this moment, around 39, and not this moment. The crazy thing is I didn’t see it coming. Inside, I felt completely the same: Sharp, fit, alert, invincible. But the outside world […]

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Serving on a Shark Tank Panel

My friend Melissa Griffie is an adjunct professor at Drew University and this semester taught a Marketing fundamentals class to undergrads. I was part of a “Shark Tank” style panel that evaluated final presentations. Here’s how it worked: Students were asked to analyze a Harvard Business case study, then apply marketing principles to their recommendations. This […]

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