Ideas That Inspire Us

Breaking Bad Habits

Hello dark, depressing mid-January. Isn’t this about the time our willpower and commitment to New Year’s resolutions starts to wane?   I came across this article recently about the how to break bad habits. Blame the direct marketer in me, but I was intrigued by the test & control approach: Identify your habit, what triggers […]

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The Dirty Words of 2013

Every year, Lake Superior State University in Michigan publishes a list of played out, meaningless words that ought to be banished from the English language. Awesome idea! Except that their list of words for 2013 left me dissatisfied on many levels.   For example, YOLO? I just discovered this cute acronym earlier this year and […]

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Outside the 9-to-5 with Kelly O'Brien: "I Opened a Lingerie Store"

In the course of writing a recent post on the hobbies that people keep outside the office, I discovered that a favorite former client, Kelly O’Brien had bought a lingerie store. Kelly is also VP, Client Services at Havas, running digital marketing for a major pharmaceutical company.   “Congratulations!” I gushed, “You’re living the dream!” […]

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Outside the 9-to-5: Coaching

We’re standing on the basketball court at the elementary school passing a ball of yarn and talking about gossip. Each time the ball is passed, one of the girls whispers some gossip: Maggie cheated on her math test. Jodie’s brother went to the principal’s office. Emily has a crush on Ted. Soon Coach Heidi, me […]

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