Profiling & Interviewing Candidates

Jeff Greene: Maybe You Shouldn’t Hire a VP of Digital Strategy

We were captivated by Jeff Greene’s article about hiring a digital strategy lead because we can relate to it.   We’ve been asked many times by clients to find someone “to help grow their digital engagements.”  This is almost never a single hire, though most agencies are hopeful for a guru. As Jeff observes, we’re talking about […]

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Hiring Trend: Innovation Strategists

Many ad agencies now have innovation “labs” patterned after R&D labs in product development companies. For example, R/GA has its Retail and Software Development Labs, BBH’s Labs sit under their Chief Digital Officer, Iris Worldwide just launched The Nursery… there are many, many others… all with the goal of interpreting new technologies and opportunities to […]

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Hiring a Biz Dev Director

We’ve seen an uptick since June for new business directors.   As market activity picks up and RFPs float in, agencies recognize they need a more nimble business development process. They’re burning out their most prolific thinkers when they ask them to shoulder pitches in addition to their regular workload. So we’ve been asked help […]

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The Perfect Hire Starts with the Perfect Job Description

When’s the last time you read an excellent job description?   The kind where after reading it, you thought: I know exactly how this person spends their day, what they’re responsible for and what skills will help them succeed.   I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever read a job description that made me want […]

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