Management Lessons

Marissa Mayer: Can I See You in My Office?

Imagine that you just had a new baby and would welcome a more flexible work schedule, including the opportunity to work from home occasionally. Imagine also that you’re the boss, responsible for setting an example for your team and getting the best out of people, ensuring collaboration, innovation and productivity… not just from your best […]

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7 Lessons from Lance

I wanted to borrow from this week’s headlines for a blog topic and business lessons to be learned from Harbaugh Bowl seemed like too much of a stretch. So, we’re going to talk about Lance.   I know, I’m tired of him too. He’s the lowest of the low and should be exiled to a […]

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Recovering Your Work Mojo

Call it my personal version of spring cleaning, but this time of year has me focused self-improvement. Out with the old, junky habits and in with a fresh, sunny approach.   I like to read Inc. for inspiration. It’s helpful to hear how other people are running their own businesses. Here’s an article I came […]

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"Busy is a Lack of Priorities"

OMG, this time of year has me channeling my inner Kelly Ripa. Between holiday prep and socializing, end-of-year stuff, work and family obligations, I’m wondering if/how I can “be even more amazing.” I feel stretched to keep all the balls in the air and I figure you do too, so I went looking for advice […]

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