DAN RUBIN, Director, Digital Strategy, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing

Why Every Digital Marketer Needs a Content Genie   So here’s a familiar dilemma. You’ve developed this awesome blog or Facebook page for your client, but success is predicated on constantly coming up with new and interesting stuff to say. Your creative team is ready to filet you and your clients are shrugging their shoulders […]

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The Download on SXSW

SXSW Interactive was held last week, March 11-15th. I didn’t go down to Austin but was curious to hear the impressions of those that did. Here are some highlights, short & sweet: Predictions Four themes in digital development: Location-based apps – For example, Foursquare and AMEX launched a pilot program to reward cardholders when they […]

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Danny Flamberg, Managing Director of Digital Strategy and CRM, Kaplan Thaler

Blogging and Building a Readership Meet Danny Flamberg. He subscribes to 200 email newsletters, follows 2000 people on Twitter, authors a popular marketing blog and runs the digital strategy department at NYC ad agency Kaplan Thaler. And he spends less than an hour a day on the web. I’m fascinated with him. For me, finding […]

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