Resume & Job Search

Your Resume Should Be an Ad, Not an Autobiography”

W2O’s Chief People Officer Deborah Hankin offers advice for a persuasive executive resume. Does your resume represent your best self? Are you proud of the way it conveys your experience to the world, or did you decide a while back “not to let perfect be the enemy of good?” I love that phrase too, but […]

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The Hillbilly Elegy, Social Capital & Your Job Search

In his NY Times bestseller, Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance speaks about the idea of social capital. This refers to aligning yourself with institutions and people that can quickly close knowledge gaps and leapfrog you the front of the line. He offers the example of how going to Yale Law School gave him access to thought leaders, […]

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Make Good Choices.

Last week my 4-year old’s school was doing a hop-a-thon fundraiser to benefit kids and families with special needs. So I went in and read a book about autism and cheered for each class as they hopped for dollars.   While there, I got the rare chance to witness Alexa’s incredibly awesome teachers in action. […]

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