Tools For Your Career Search

The Enlightened Interview

This post will show you how to apply customer experience concepts perfected by Danny Meyer and AirBNB to your interview preparation. I’m listening to Danny Meyer’s book, Setting the Table, about how he built his portfolio of restaurants. As New Yorkers, you’ve probably eaten at many of them: From Union Square Cafe to Gramercy Tavern […]

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The Hillbilly Elegy, Social Capital & Your Job Search

In his NY Times bestseller, Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance speaks about the idea of social capital. This refers to aligning yourself with institutions and people that can quickly close knowledge gaps and leapfrog you the front of the line. He offers the example of how going to Yale Law School gave him access to thought leaders, […]

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What You Need to Know About NYC’s Salary History Ban

Should your earnings history play a role in informing future job offers? You could say it’s not a very meaningful metric. No more relevant than the original purchase price of a home driving the sales price. Demand, inventory and the selling prices of comparable homes are much more powerful variables. Even so, most of our […]

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Glassdoor’s Top 10 List of Unusual Job Interview Questions

  Looking to spice things up next time you interview? Look no further! After collecting hundreds of thousands of interview questions shared by candidates over the last year, Glassdoor revealed its annual list of the toughest (and wackiest) questions job seekers could hear from potential employers in 2016. What’s the purpose of asking these curveball […]

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When Things Go Wrong in InterviewLand, Part 2

Past posts about interviews gone wrong assumed that the candidate screwed up. But we, as interviewers, also have a responsibility to shape the way interviews unfold. Imagine if a talk show host, news anchor or sports reporter didn’t prepare for an interview. They didn’t research what had already been written and asked silly questions, or […]

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