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Top 5 Interview Questions & How to Prepare for Them

According to a recent segment on Good Morning America, these are the top five interview questions and you need to ace them: 1.       Tell me about yourself. 2.       What’s your greatest weakness? 3.       What do you know about our company? 4.       Where do you want to be in 5 years? 5.       How do you respond […]

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Part 2: Bulletproof Salary Discussions

Back again for the final chapter of mastering salary talks. The key to any successful negotiation is understanding each side’s perspective, so last week’s post explored the goals of all stakeholders involved in salary decisions (job seeker, employer, recruiter), as well as popular myths. This week we’ll continue with the top five things that can […]

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The Art of the [Salary] Deal: Blueprint for Achieving Your Ideal Salary

In this post, I’m seizing the bull by the horns and taking on the emotionally-charged topic of compensation. I’ll cover both employer and candidate perspectives, plus my role of reconciling the two. We’ll also explore myths and rookie mistakes in salary negotiations, and conclude next week with how to avoid “compensation frustration” and achieve a […]

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Best Career Advice: Don’t be Tempted by a Counter-Offer.

I absolutely didn’t prompt colleague and former client, Debbie Sharken to come up with this advice, but I’m so glad she did! Accepting a counter-offer is one of the most painful and discouraging events I run across as a recruiter. However tempting it is to stay, here are the things to consider before accepting a […]

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