From High Five Moment to Google

One of my secret recruiter talents is that I can stalk people tirelessly for years. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. I love watching the candidates I work with realize important life milestones, from finishing their MBA to getting married, to having babies or buying their first house. Many times I’ll have a “feeling” […]

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The Standard Pace is for Chumps

I just listened to a podcast that was so outstanding, I had to share! It’s an interview between Tim Ferriss of “4-Hour Work Week” and Derek Sivers, who made his first $22 million off a very simple idea in 1998 to distribute music from artists not represented by a major label. There’s a lot to […]

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The untold stories of Santa’s reindeer

Want to feel good about bringing a super imaginative idea to life? This week’s post is about a local entrepreneur with a holiday offering. Hope you’ll decide to support her Kickstarter campaign. I thought her books would make a unique gift and fun holiday tradition. Leslie Lajewski began telling her kids about Santa’s reindeer when her […]

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