Jen Selverian | Founder, Recruiting Director

Not to get all woo woo right out of the gate, but I believe my calling is to shine the light on people that are excellent at what they do. 

I can’t help myself. Whenever I come across someone exceptional, I want to support them and tell their story to the world.

For my clients, this means getting to know what they’re all about, then representing their work and purpose to the industry’s best talent. 

My proudest placements are the ones that enable my clients to become something they weren’t yesterday. Introducing them to leaders that deliver new service offerings and build departments. Examples of this would be someone who redefines the new business process, or puts an agency on the map for digital and social strategy. Or, on a personal level, the critical hire that brought my dad’s Cape Cod boat business online.

Other stuff that gets my blood pumping: Writing (check out our blog and podcast), running first, but really any kind of workout, memoirs, podcasts like How I Built This about how ideas become businesses. I admire great interviewers and well-crafted questions.

That’s the WHY I do this. If you’re interested in the HOW, give us a call.