Matt Preston, Owner, Colorado Nutrition

If you fell into “vacation” eating & drinking during these past 2 months of quarantine, this nutritionist and coach will get you back on track! Colorado Nutrition is located in Fort Collins and Boulder, and Matt can do online meal planning with anyone, anywhere. Free consultation available at https://www.coloradonutrition.com/

Show Notes

1:30 This episode is brought to you by Studio Q Cycling in Fort Collins, CO. Book your bike today. 

2:35 Services offered at Colorado Nutrition

5:00 Matt’s path to nutritionist & business owner

10:30 Nutrition planning software

12:25 Why COVID wreaked havoc on our diets

15:30 Fasting isn’t the answer

17:20 Motivation to change

21:00 Misleading diet information vs. what works

23:00 Keto & other popular diets

24:30 Secrets to successful fat loss

26:00 Weekends can’t negate weekday progress

27:40 Where to find Matt + Free consultation

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