Say it straight, simple and with a smile.

Tea bagWe like to start the new year fresh — with original and imaginative language. This entails voting some of last year’s most played out words off the island. Like last year, we consulted Lake Superior State’s now famous Banished Words list.


Their 2014 list demonstrates how much social has gained a foothold in our daily existence, with many words like selfie and twerk born on Facebook and Twitter. Curiously, food words like boneless wings and T-bone appeared on both lists. I don’t use these terms often, do you? Thinking the author was hungry.


Here’s what we’re talking about — the 14 words from Lake Superior State’s 2014 list:






Mister Mom


________ on steroids



Intellectually/Morally bankrupt



Fan base


And hey social people, you can express your distaste for these words on Time.com or LSSU’s Facebook page. The only ones we might add are FML, which was fun while it lasted, and meaningless thought starters or superfluous words like To tell you the truth, At the end of the day, whatnot.


Happy 2014!

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