So What's Your Story?

Last week’s post was about living a thrilling and storyworthy life, which involved looking for the headline, or bigger story, among the choices that are presented to us.   Today’s topic is using headlines to become better storytellers. So that every time you’re called on to make dazzling first impression – whether you’re on an […]

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Top 5 Interview Questions & How to Prepare for Them

According to a recent segment on Good Morning America, these are the top five interview questions and you need to ace them: 1.       Tell me about yourself. 2.       What’s your greatest weakness? 3.       What do you know about our company? 4.       Where do you want to be in 5 years? 5.       How do you respond […]

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Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

BE LUCKY.  I love this entry from Katie Couric’s book, The Best Advice I Ever Got. Tony Hsieh is the guy who has doubled Zappos’ revenues every year, to over $1 billion in annual revenues today. At age 24, he sold one of his first companies – an advertising network called LinkExchange – to Microsoft […]

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