Priming for a Purpose

Do you have any bizarre rituals for psyching yourself up for doing something? For getting to that “flow state?” Motivational speaker Tony Robbins take an ice bath plunge every morning, which sounds sadistic, but who am I to judge?

I’ve been hooked on podcasts and have lately discovered that I can listen to different types of podcasts to get me ready for certain activities. I know, so nerdy and unsexy, right? But, especially with writing or getting real capital T thinking done, it’s been way better than waiting for the creative muse to come around.

Here’s what I’ve found works for me. I choose a podcast based on what I have to do next, and it helps me get into the right frame of mind. And, seriously, it would be terrific if some of you could comment/email about similar rituals so I don’t feel so weird!

When I Need to Write

Mike Birbiglia

Cal Fussman

When I Need Smart Vocabulary

Kevin Kelly

When I Need to Workout

These guys are fantastic storytellers. You can get lost in their narratives as the miles slip by.

Cal Fussman

Esther Perel

Mike Rowe

Jamie Foxx

Caroline Paul

When I Need a Pick-Me-Up

When I Need Motivation

Caroline Paul

Chris Sacca

When I Need Inspiration

Debbie Millman

When I Need to Sleep

Fiction, never business!


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