Race Report from IMLP

paramount colorsFor those that know me well, I sometimes need to break from the business of recruiting to jabber about my athletic endeavors or lack thereof. This past weekend I was up at Lake Placid watching the Ironman, where three of my best girlfriends competed for the first time, and we had someone from our group qualify for Kona!


An Ironman is 140.6 miles of torture, drawn out over swim, bike & run. You have a limit of 17 hours to complete it, though our team put it to bed in much less time. Here are a few favorite memories from race day:


Moments after the Swim start, lightning ripped across the sky and it started sheeting rain. Paddleboards and kayaks scurried to collect over 2000 racers from the lake, directing everyone to swim to the closest shore. In the midst of this chaos, Kristen emerges from an impossibly fast 2 laps (2.4 miles) smiling and waving. She’s Olivia Newton John in Grease. “Tell me about it, stud.” And just like that, it’s on.


kristen imlp

Judith rips down Keene, Lake Placid’s terrifying 10K downhill, where you can hit speeds of 45+ mph on your bike. She’s in aero position, undaunted by the rain and slick new pavement, yelling “Left! Left! LEFT!” as she hurtles past bikers, then “Oh, hey Jodi.”


Jodi takes a spill on her bike due to a gigantic pothole during her first loop, changes her tire, gets back on and rides another 80+ miles, then completes her marathon battling waves of nausea. She grabs a quick IV and starts thinking about when she’ll sign up again.


Crazy athletes all of them. Tremendously proud of their accomplishment!finishers

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