Sorry to Drag You Into This

Ever since Jenifer Cameli found this note in a conference room, I’ve been trying to work it into a blog post. It wasn’t until this weekend that I found my muse.


It was the swim start at the Rev3 Quassy triathlon in Middlebury, CT. A breathtaking, quintessential New England town just 10 minutes from Sandy Hook.


Three of us are standing on the beach, surveying the lake, not talking. Waiting for your swim wave to go off is like getting ready to jump out of a plane. Not only could you pass out from the fear and anticipation, but there’s a dull flashing signal in the back of your brain saying “You might die.”


Usually I take solace in the idea that the race will be cake once I get out of the water, but in this case, the bike is 25 miles of relentless hills and treacherous turns. No chance to pick up speed and nothing but climbing. It’s just abusive.


The other girls are thinking the same thing, because my friend Jodi looks up and says wryly: “Well guys, thanks for roping me into this.” This reminds me exactly of the sticky note from the conference room. And the unspoken second sentence: “But I’m glad you’re here.”


For the next 3 hours we battled that course, and it was 100 times better knowing my friends were out on the field. They’d be there at the finish and we could high five each other and say, “Good job!”


Next time you find yourself frowning and apologizing “Sorry to drag you into this,” don’t forget to add the “I’m glad you’re here” part. Maybe even a high five.



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