What Makes You Happy?

manojGuys, I’m an unapologetic capitalist.


No kidding, my sister once roasted me by recounting with vindictive relish the many ways I extracted money from family and neighbors when we were growing up. From orthopedic surgery on stuffed animals to bogus newspaper subscriptions, I was full of scheistatic ideas. (When’s the last time you met a stuffed animal with bones?!)


And I wasn’t one to listen to all the “Money can’t buy you happiness” messages.


But as I got older, I realized that the luxuries of health, love and family weren’t always givens. So every once in a while a sensational story can bring me down from my Wolf of Wall Street den.


Which is why I wish you could’ve been with me at my Sunday yoga class!


When I left at 9:30 AM, it was 63 degrees — a cloudless Indian Summer day. I drove home with the windows open, smiling because this is what I heard:


Our yoga instructor was talking about The Happy Movie. It’s a 2011 documentary about what people think makes them happy and actual happy people.


If you have one minute, here’s the trailer. You’ll learn that this guy, Manoj Singh, lives in one of the worst slums in India. In a hut made of trash bags and bamboo, supporting his extended family by running a pedi-cab 12+ hours a day.


“He doesn’t have the whitest teeth in the world,” our teacher says as I’m trying to hold Half Moon, “and some of them are missing. But he smiles throughout the interview.”


“I have a nice house that lets the breeze in,” Manoj tells us. “Sometimes we have only rice with salt to eat… but it’s delicious. I live with my family and friends and I ride my bike to work every day.”


“I don’t consider myself poor. In fact, I believe I’m one of the richest people in the world.”


Beautiful, right? Think about the last time you felt true happiness like that. And look for ways to feel it more often.



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