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2015 Marketing Forecast from Deep Focus

The Deep Focus 2015 report is out, naming the trends that will dominate digital, mobile & social media marketing this year.

Full report, here. It’s a terrific primer to understanding what’s happening with mobile pay, virtual reality, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, etc. For a brief moment after you read it, you will feel like Now I know it all and can rest!

Then everything will change again.

Below is our shorthand on 4 of the 14 key predictions from the Deep Focus Report:

1.  Increasing focus on the story behind a brand, with relatable and homegrown brands capturing the hearts and wallets of consumers. Consider the success of Tito’s handmade vodka. “Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ first and oldest legal distillery. It’s made in batches in old fashioned pot stills by Tito Beveridge (actual name), a 50-something geologist, and distilled six times.”

The brand has recorded over 40% growth consistently for the past 4 years, not by adding flavors as is modish right now, but by leveraging its small-batch production and American heritage. (Incidentally, a lawsuit was filed in September 2014 to challenge the handmade claim, but guessing nothing’s come of that based on Tito’s website.)

2.  Related: Today’s consumers, Millenials in particular, use their association with brand to convey their values, e.g. responsibly sourced or women-owned. “In this new world Millennials are friends with brands in exchange for something more than what the brand sells, such as inspiration for an outfit. Association with a lifestyle. How-tos. VIP access. A laugh. Brands must uphold their end of the deal and give Millennials content and experiences that enrich and reflect something unique about their lives.”

3.  The need for privacy & anonymity for true self-expression. As evidenced by the rise of disappearing texts and “ephemeral apps,” Deep Focus reports: “In 2015, consumers will seek opportunities to fully express themselves in places where their “voice” no longer equals their actual identity.” They don’t necessarily want everything they say and do to become part of an enduring public persona. Lesson to marketers: Consumers are more protective than ever of their personal data. Sony’s devastating data breach this past year didn’t help things!

4.   Appetite for mobile functionality beyond eCommerce to enhance real life experiences. Whether bridging the gap between online and retail buying experiences or using preferences set on your phone to customize air travel, e.g. selecting seat/meal/movie preferences and receiving local recommendations for trips. “Brands should not just focus on the obvious opportunities of pushing offers and coupons. Think about other, deeper types of value can you create for consumers.”

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