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The Over-interviewing Trend
LinkedIn had a great post about over-interviewing not long ago. Jobseekers complained that they became stuck in an endless interview loop without any decisions or feedback. As...
6 New Skills That Talent Professionals Must Master
There is a chapter in Ginni Rometty’s Good Power memoir that has hogged much of my waking and sleeping hours lately, and it can be found in...
Noncompetes Are On The Chopping Block
It’s 11pm, do you know where your noncompete is? Many of us, 1 in 5 American workers, signed a noncompete when we accepted our last job...
Screen-Shot-2023-04-06-at-3.04.14-PM (1)
Barbie Knows How to Stay Relevant With Today’s Talent
Regardless of where you net out on the Barbie movie, this 64-year brand has managed to stay current across generations. How? Its core values of...
Imposter Syndrome & The Importance of Sponsors
Hello party people, this week you get to hear about my latest professional crush. I’m binging on Adam Grant’s WorkLife podcast. I think he’s widely known, but just...
Why Are Recruiters So Exhausted?
Being a recruiter these days is like working on an assembly line where two-thirds of your product blows up. You need to ratchet up production...
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