Tips for Employers Hiring in the Pandemic
UPDATE! I recently spoke about this with Marc Bautis on the Agent of Wealth podcast. You can listen to the episode here. My favorite coffee shop...
The Importance of Seeing Each Other
Will social distancing cause the most socially distant employees to retreat even further? Let us start the work week with an antidote for loneliness. Why it's...
How to Give a Great Virtual Interview
Last week when many NYC agencies moved to remote interviews, I started scouring the web for best practices. With few exceptions, most video interview tutorials...
Modern open space office with city view
Hiring Predictions in the Time of Coronavirus
How are NYC agencies responding to the coronavirus? What’s going on with hiring? How long will this last? I’m neither an economist or epidemiologist, but this...
What I’ve Been Reading
I'm laughing about Brene Brown's guilty pleasure of watching only the trailers of movies. It seems like I've been doing a lot of skimming lately...
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