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A New Yorker in LA

Posted by Mary Ann Kelly

We kicked off our “New Yorkers That Have Left” blog series with Alec Piliafas in San Francisco. This week we will take you about 340 miles south to Los Angeles. LA is the second largest city after NYC, best known for its sunny weather, celebrities, and traffic! This week we hear from Brittany Ho, Management Supervisor at MXM. Brittany has been in LA for 6 months and here’s what she has to say:


MAK: What drove your decision to relocate?

Brittany: I decided to move to LA in search of a better quality of life.  And so far so good!

MAK: What would you say is the biggest difference between NYC and ?LA??

Brittany: NYC was always busy and never sleeps. People know how to relax out here and they are much healthier and conscious of what they eat.

MAK: What do you love about your new place and what do you miss about NYC? Will you ever be back?

Brittany: The sunshine. It always manages to put a smile on my face. I miss the real grit, heart and soul of NYC. There’s nothing like NY. Of course I will be back. I am an east coast gal!!

MAK: Did you move with or without a job? What’s your advice to people hoping for relocation?

Brittany: I moved with a job. I would say try to negotiate if you can. Otherwise, assume a very big risk and start building up your network. Patience and persistence are key.

MAK: Is the pace/agency life significantly different? If yes, how so?

Brittany: We have an office in NY and DC so not too different… There are certain individuals whose pace does not match the speed to NYC workers! So overall I would say LA is more of a relaxed environment.

MAK: In Eat Prey Love, the main character comes up with one word to describe each city she’s lived in. What’s yours for NYC & your new city?


NYC = sassy

LA= open-minded

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