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Best Career Advice: Enabling Bosses

Hi, I’m interested in career advice that people find most critical and inspirational to their own success. A few of you have already responded, and I’d love to hear more stories in the next couple weeks. Here’s some career advice that I refer to again and again, and always want to assess when I talk to people about the decision to stay or leave.

One lesson I was fortunate to learn early in my career is to seek out bosses that are enablers. When you work for someone that believes in you – and wants to help you grow and succeed – doors open easily for you. You may be challenged to do things beyond your comfort zone, but necessary to accelerate your career development. You have someone to emulate, learn from, and bounce ideas off of. This kind of boss is more than happy to help you write your own ticket.

On the other hand, poisonous bosses that aren’t accessible or mentoring, or feel threatened by you, can truly stunt your career growth, encourage bad habits or block opportunities for advancement. This kind of boss is more than happy to throw you under a bus!

Run to the enablers, and run away from the toxic guys – Regardless of the surrounding circumstances of business, company culture, client, work/life balance, etc. It’s totally possible to work through a firestorm if you have an awesome boss. More than likely, they’ll get their arms it around or find a way to make you happy. And running away from bad bosses may not mean letting them chase you out of the company – just find a way to leave their kingdom.

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