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Best Career Advice: Learn How to Sell Your Ideas

Pete Van Bloem, Sr. Copy Extrovert at Extrovertic

The best work advice I ever got was while I was still in college. I met a friend-of-a-friend who was working at Ogilvy.

I expressed interest in advertising, and he said: “If you want to go into advertising, marketing or public relations, you have to know how to sell. So get hired at a place that will teach you.”

He was not only right about advertising, he was right about life. Call it “spin,” “glass-half-full,” “fresh perspective,” or even the old, “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.” It’s all the same. If you can’t help someone see how your idea benefits them, you’re sunk.

Politicians, engineers, teachers, even doctors are all in the same boat: trying to make their platform/blueprint/subject/diagnosis a relevant solution for the voter/client/student/patient that they’re talking with.

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