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Caffeine and Smiles

Many battles have been won on caffeine and smiles. Let me tell you what I mean.

I’m about to interview two candidates. Based on paper alone, I’m sure I’ll prefer the first. She’s more qualified. More loyal. Her resume is well-written and her career progression is a logical narrative.

Then I meet them. And the second candidate wins the day. Here’s why: The first candidate – let’s call her Irma – clearly has a chip on her shoulder. She speaks at length about her terrible boss and the opportunities that haven’t been given to her. She seems irritated and impatient. She comes to the interview with an air of expectancy and looks at me blankly when I ask if she has any questions… then it’s What’s the work/life balance? And is there the flexibility to work from home? It’s all about her.

Meanwhile, the second candidate…

Irma has more ability but I’m reluctant to take her on. Like a shelter dog, I get the impression it will take lots of work to undo previous mistreatment.

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