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Dress for Success: Working to Get Women Working

Imagine for a moment that you were raised in the projects, one of 5 kids with a single mother. How do you break the cycle of poverty and achieve a better life when your focus is daily survival?
At the Dress for Success Gala, Emily Perez told the story of how she did just that. She now holds a Masters degree and is a licensed social worker. This year, she became a homeowner.
When you don’t have the tools, role models or means to start working towards your goals, an organization like Dress for Success can make the difference between success or continuing on the cycle of poverty.

Helping women with interview attire is one way they help. But their services extend far beyond that. Dress for Success becomes a powerful support network for its clients. They host a monthly professional women’s group, offer career coaching, access to computers and resume assistance… All the things needed to build confidence and tenacity when the obstacles are high.

To hear Perez’s story, as well as others that Dress for Success has helped, check out this year’s video.

Here’s how you can get involved.


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