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Everything Will Be Okay

We just finished watching The Big Short. In the 5 years following the mortgage bond crash of 2008, 8 million people lost their jobs and 6 million people lost their homes.

We bought our house at the height of the market in 2006. My husband started a career in real estate in 2007. We had two kids in 2007 and 2009. I launched Nadexa Group in 2010. Jobs and homes. We should’ve been toast. Somehow we survived. Because we worked hard. Because we didn’t watch the news or acknowledge how bad and scary it was. We built a reputation for being hard-working and reliable and effective. People believed in and invested in us.

Growing up was punctuated by riding high times and times of consolidation, not the steadiness of a paycheck. For many years, money flowed and we lived without thinking. In other years, we came so close to scrapping bottom that dad took  a second job working on radio towers. He traveled all over the world and bought coffee mugs back from each place. The mugs lined out mantle. It took longer than we thought. But then it was over.

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