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How Aggressively Should You Follow Up After an Interview?

The pandemic and economy have forced many people into the job market. The current unemployment rate is 13%, up from 3.5% pre-COVID. If you’re actively looking, you’re probably eager beat those odds and land something!

At the same time, employers are facing many unknowns:

  • whether to retain and retrain current employees
  • signs of an economic recovery and workplaces reopening
  • fatigue of making more happen with fewer resources
  • new talent needs based on business pivots

Layer in the challenges of remote work and virtual interviews, and it’s inevitable that hiring decisions take longer.

So, how do you come across as empathetic & flexible, but at the same time, proactive and enthusiastic? How and when should you follow up, and how long should you persist if there’s no response?

Very tactically: 3+1. Three times in the 2 weeks following your interview, then one more time if you still haven’t gotten a response within a month. Here’s what it looks like:

At this point, you’ve accomplished what you’re after. You’ve…

  • conveyed your interest and made it easy to respond
  • created a connection so they know where to find you
  • proven your good judgment in tone & frequency of follow-up

If they’ve chosen not to respond, you must conclude that they’ve put the search on hold, their needs have changed, or you’re not the right person. Keep tabs on them via social media, news and professional connections. They may come back to you in the future.

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