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How Makers and Managers Can Work Together

In this post (episode?), we meet Makers and Managers. Makers make stuff. They need for be in a flow state to produce, and interruptions can wreck it. Managers are responsible for making stuff happen. Their schedules need to be more accessible, so they are chunked out in hour increments. The rub comes when managers and makers need to work together, as they do in ad agencies. Paul Graham, the essayist who wrote Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule has a few ideas on how both schedules can coexist. Take a listen.

After I recorded this piece, I naturally wanted to answer whether I was a maker or manager. I would submit that recruiters are both. We need to produce (candidates for the jobs we’re asked to work on), but we also need to be accessible throughout the day for interviews, meetings with hiring managers, etc. So we may never have the opportunity to pour ourselves full bore into a search, unless we carve out and protect time to produce.

How about you? Are you a maker or manager? How do you organize your time and get others to respect your schedule?

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