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Introducing Nadexa Mash-Ups

Were any of you Hashers? As in the Hash Hound Harriers running club. I “hashed” a few times while living in San Francisco. A hash is a running meet-up where the fastest runners (hares) leave a flour trail for the slower group (hounds) to follow, often with false signs and tricks intended to confuse along the way. Runs would culminate in some sort of rowdy drinking event. Because, why not?!

We’re proposing a different kind of meet-up here at Nadexa Group. A mash, not a hash. Mashing is when we cross career and personal affiliations to curate groups of like-minded people in advertising. Mary Ann and I at a fabulous vantage point to be able to do this, since we talk to a lot of captivating people every day. And yes, it will be a drinking event, but of the less-rowdy variety. Because, let’s keep this professional.

The format will be an after-work happy hour every 6 weeks or so. Casual, no agenda. Sign up, come hang out and meet other ad professionals that you have something in common with. Our goal is to keep these meet-ups intimate and topical, no more than a dozen people. Mary Ann and I will be there to make introductions and facilitate conversations.

We’d also *love* to share expertise. So if you have a special skill or talent — like teaching yoga, career coaching, building a kick-ass social presence, personal styling, etc. — please volunteer to do a mini coaching session. Finally, we’re also looking for cool NYC venues to have these, so any connections would be wonderful! Wouldn’t it be fun to organize a beer, wine or chocolate tasting, spin class, bowling…

The success of Nadexa Mash-Ups depends on you. Show up and share. We promise it won’t be a swarmy networking event, depressing and useless.

Here are our ideas (and nominations for headlining guests!) for the first several Mash-Ups*.

You can register by clicking on the links below, which will trigger a personal email to us. (Please specify which event you’re interested in). These are FREE events, you only need to pay for what you drink & eat. Since we’re all over-extended during the holiday season, let’s agree to start in January. We’ll send out details on date and venue once we have an idea of interest and attendance.

We’re excited about this and hope you are too!

Entrepreneurs in Advertising: What I Learned from my Side Hustle

Nadexa Group nominates: Laurence Lafforgue of Art We Love, Matt Tepper of Second Button, Luane Kohnke of Luane’s Cookies

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Athletes in Advertising

Nadexa Group nominates: Jason Chan, Brendan Reich, Andrea Somogyi, Gabe Dorosz, Jen Villany

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Writers & Publishers

Nadexa Group nominates: Piers Platt, Britta Alexander, Jeff Greene, Johanna Skilling

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Globetrotting & Sabbaticals: Who’s Done It & How You Can Too

Nadexa Group nominates: Ann Woodward, Jenna Nerger, Terrence Lai, Sarita Bhatt

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Funny on Facebook

Nadexa Group nominates: Ian Baer, Tara Vetro, Julieta Smith

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Working Moms, Serial Freelancers & Consultants

Nadexa Group nominates: Serena Saitas, Jenny Rozenblit, Jeff Hsin

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Recruiters Rule – Recruiters, HR and those with an interest in either welcome!

Nadexa Group nominates: Liz Barenholtz, Lauren Ferrucci, Susan Lauher, Rebecca Levi, Deb Stevens, Mira Fein, Jen Adler, Elizabeth Peterson… Forget it, our list here is WAY too long!

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