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Jenifer Cameli, Client Director, LBi

My Favorite Apps & Social Sites

1.     What are your top 3 favorite apps?
– Evernote (LOVE this)
– Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals – an app that truly makes use of the entire platform
– Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr (I know it’s 3, but I use them constantly as one)
(And for fun, I highly recommend Bergdorf Goodman’s Today’s Shoe and Talking Carl)

– Flipboard
– Instapaper
– Netflix

2.     Top 3 blogs? How often do you read them?
Techcrunch – need to stay on top of technology since it’s so tightly tied into everything we do

Fred Wilson’s – If you have good insights to what’s happening in the start-up world and how it works, you can start to identify technology trends as they begin, not as they crest.  Plus Fred’s MBA Mondays  are a great way to understand how the VC world works in general

– Mashable – it’s a given

I read them all almost every day – if not multiple times a day.

3.     How much time do you spend (per day) on social media sites like FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc? How often do you post or comment?
Hours. FB and Twitter are my two main sources for getting information. Since so many blogs post on FB, you can just pull them all into your newsfeed. Twitter is a great channel for information, but you have to manage your lists, sort out who is really adding value and who isn’t. Tumblr a little less – it’s not an “in and out” type of thing, probably because my blog is there and I’m usually writing.  Foursquare of course, but for god’s sake, make it interesting – why people check into work every day is beyond me.

4.     What’s your main objective for social media sites?

It’s to collect information and content, share information and content and keep in touch with different members of my community But I probably use different sites to keep in touch with different groups, e.g. FB for family and friends, Twitter for thought leaders/influencers in the topics I’m interested in, foursquare just to see if there’s anything new/interesting to check out, Tumblr more for recreation, LinkedIn for professional connections.

5.     Has someone used one of these sites in an ingenious or surprising way that you admire?

Trite, but Obama was brilliant with is his use of social media for his campaign. It’s been talked to death, but still holds up. And no one has been able to do anything that good since… although brands have used pieces.
6.     Biggest social media pet peeve?

The other day someone in my FB community had a status update that read “FB is not meant for discussing opposing points of view, people should just post about their families, sports and work.” Took everything I had not to tell him that he seriously needed to broaden his horizons.

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