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So, howl sbaut JCPPpenney?!

Mary Ann Kelly on Memorable Social Media Moments of the Super Bowl


Last week we blogged about 6 best practices to leverage social media in Super Bowl advertising. Which brands really nailed it?


Whether you thought JCPenney’s misspelled tweets were ingenious or contrived, they definitely got the brand attention. #TweetingWithMittens received more than double the retweets Oreo received last year for their blackout tweet. 41,000 in all, compared to Oreo’s 16,000. No kidding! In fact, the tweets were so popular, others brands jumped into the conversation.


. We know football goes great with Coors Light, but please tweet responsibly.



Here’s the full story: @JCPenney Might Have Won The Super Bowl Buzz


What do you think of their strategy and what did it do for brand sentiment? We went through a range of emotions ourselves, from “Oh man, someone’s losing their job!” to “Nice save, JCP” to “That’s silly. It’s not cold enough for mittens.


Besides the mitten tweets, what else were people talking about during the [uneventful] game?


Here’s a recap we liked from CNN: 10 Best Social Media Moments.

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