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Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us… Is your brand socially-equipped?

Contributed by Mary Ann Kelly

Not so long ago Super Bowl advertising was all about the :30 spot. Remember how fun it was to rehash commercials following the game – which brands nailed it and which brands totally flopped? Super Bowl Monday was one of the highlights of being in the ad business.

Now all that happens in real time… with brands riding the social barometer across digital, social and mobile platforms. It’s a lot more work for us agency executives. All the channels have to sing together to create a memorable and cohesive brand experience.

If you’ve paid for a placement, you’d better be ready on every platform or face ridicule and the wrath of missed opportunities. 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets; 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, whereas only 14% trust advertisements.

This January 28th article talks about 6 key social media strategies brands need to plan for during the Super Bowl. It took us 8 minutes to digest the full article. Quicker read here:

1.       Have a Profile on Multiple Platforms – You need to assume that all social platforms will be active during game time. Make sure your brand has a profile on all of them and make sure it’s not lame. If you don’t have a decent profile, no one will be interested. And use these platforms to the fullest – air commercials, showcase special deals, and debut new products, etc.
2.       Have a Mobile-Friendly Site – Let’s say you have a coveted Super Bowl ad slot, and your commercial is the best one people have seen in years.  Odds are some fans will pick up their smart phones to visit your site.  If your website isn’t compatible with their smart phones, you stand to lose a lot of exposure and potential business.”
3.       Create Hype – Consumers love to be involved in something. i.e. super bowl pools…So do something that requires them to take part. Use Coke’s stellar case study from last year. They encouraged consumers to not only watch their Super Bowl ad, but to pick the way the commercial ended.  This drove viewers to all of Coke’s social platforms.

4.       Be Aware of Aesthetics – Colors, fonts, easy navigation: These remain just as important as ever! List your Twitter handle, Facebook URL, or Instagram user name on everything relevant (commercials, company website, radio advertisements, etc.).  Failing to let viewers know about your other platforms is a missed opportunity for more business traffic.
5.       Encourage Interaction – As important as it is to have these social platforms created and running, they need to be maintained. If a consumer comments on something, it’s important to have the resources ready to acknowledge the comments.
6.       Respond to High-Profile Moments ASAP – The Super Bowl is a big event that will, without fail, have some type of big moment – often ‘off the field’. Last year was the blackout and when searched today one of the first things that comes up is Oreo’s tweet from last year. Advertisers and brands need to be ready for these moments.



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