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Surprising Online Holiday Shopping Facts

Get a load of this: This Thanksgiving will be the biggest mobile shopping day of the year. Bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday… with deeper discounts!

Apparently some of you are shopping for the next holiday WHILE enjoying this one! Is there a word for that? Holi-tasking? Shop-n-Stuffing? Ho Ho Ho.

Click here for the full article from The Agency Post on Nov 12, 2014.

Our favorite and most eye-opening facts below:

  • Black Friday will become the fastest growing online sales day of year, accounting for $2.48 billion in sales, which is 28% year-over-year growth.
  •  Thanksgiving Day will see $1.35 billion in sales, which is a 27% year-over-year growth.
  • 40% of annual sales are concentrated in the last two months of the year.
  • 52% of online smartphone shoppers used their phones throughout the shopping process during the 2013 holidays.
  • In 2013, December sales on smartphones and tablets were up threefold from 2011 to 19.1%.
  • 70% of brands are allocating more than half of their digital marketing budgets to search and social this holiday season.
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