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The Magic Moment in Interviews

What is it? The moment when your interviewer is satisfied you have the skills, and the conversation relaxes into more of a chemistry read.
I think you’ll be fine. You intuitively read situations. I’d let the team talk… peppering the conversations with questions like:
How long have they been FCB clients? Do you have a good rapport? Do they have confidence in the agency & team [solicit recommendations]?
What are they like?
How’s responsive/hands on are they?
Do they want a lot of face time?
This should give you a way to back into travel/hours questions w/o overtly saying: “I have 2 young kids and don’t want to be doing a lot of overnight trips.”
The formula is to focus on answering their questions & proving yourself FIRST, then when you sense the interview has clicked over from assessment to conversation, you can get into how much face time & travel.
Make sense?Hi Jen,
I started doing some research once I received the first email with the brand names and figured that Dermira is a launch brand- exciting because that is what I do not have experience in yet.
To your point would need to understand travel as well as get insight on what the teams think about work from home flexibility,  due to kids.
Can we set up a quick call to discuss any watch outs and any advice when talking to the teams?
Areej Khan
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