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goalWhat a gut-wrenching game against Portugal this weekend, right?


And we’re not the only ones who thought so. CNN reports that “Sunday’s match between USA and Portugal was a high point in a World Cup that’s already shattering social-media records. Facebook says 10 million people had 20 million interactions during the U.S.-Portugal match. According to Twitter Data, there were 8 million tweets about the match while it was happening.”


Yet the very next day you could open the WSJ and read: Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype. Hopefully, your clients missed that one! But seriously, what gives? Seems the debate rages on about the quality of social media leads and its ability to drive purchase decisions.


Here’s the full article.


Now that we’ve seen how brands are capitalizing on the event, we want to hear from you. Who are the emerging heroes of World Cup advertising? What ads/tweets/posts do you most admire and who seems to have the most cohesive brand strategy? And how will this move the needle on sales?


Look forward to hearing from you & also what Thursday’s game against Germany will bring!

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