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What Kind of App User Are You?

Posted by Mary Ann Kelly

Recently on Facebook I’ve noticed an uptick in “What kind of ____ are you?” quizzes. These quizzes range from TV shows to famous people to cities. I even saw a “What kind of cereal are you?” I had to sit this particular one out, but I admit to taking a few.

With these quizzes in mind, I decided to write about “What Kind of Mobile App Are You?” I’ve downloaded some duds recently (Checkout51) and I wanted to get to the bottom of what makes an app good and meaningful to me.  PS – Evidently, I’m not alone: At least 1 in 4 apps downloaded are never opened or used.

I realized quickly that I’m a purposeful app user, meaning I need my apps to do something for me or help me in some way. For example, I’d be lost without GoogleMapsliterally. And I love Shazam because I never know who sings the songs I like. I love my messaging apps like WhatsApp so I can keep in contact/share pics/video, etc…

Everyone likes utility, but there’s also a whole cadre of entertainment, gaming and social app users too. What kind of app user are you?

Whatever your purpose, mobile apps with staying power have these qualities:

  • Occupy you when you’re bored or make your life easier
  • Provide a reason to return frequently
  • Ability to attract critical mass – Social apps especially depend on users to drive and refine content
  • Offer intuitive user interface, easy navigation, minimal clicks and option of ad-free experience
  • Performs to the strengths of mobile, e.g.  Communications, Spontaneous, Geo-sensitive, Short periods of use and focused activity
  • Ongoing improvements & support – Attention to how people are using the app and the features they want

What do you have to say, app developers & mobile strategists? In researching this post, we came across a lot of dated articles. What’s the latest thinking and best practices?

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