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Your Age is Showing on Social Media

Posted by Mary Ann Kelly

A September 14 Adweek article by Carrie Cummings analyzes sharing across social media and what brands can learn about the sharing patterns among different age demographics.

Here’s the original article:

Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group’s 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study took a deep look into social habits across demographics. “Our study looks at the way digital technologies such as social media are shaping customer preferences,” said Accenture Interactive managing director Jay Dettling. “Marketing is witnessing a huge shift in what consumers expect from brands during their buying journey. The insights and data points provided in our report will help marketers better understand how consumers want to digitally engage with products and services and help them create updated experiences that resonate.”

Where millennials rush to buy a product they saw on their feeds, the 69-and-over crowd doesn’t buy into the hype. But good news for marketers: Facebook is the most trusted channel across all media for brand content. For the full study, click here.

Snapshot of findings:

  • Snapchat and personal blogs are the least trusted for brand content
  • 48% of the 23-30 year olds have tried a new product as a result of a social media ad or campaign, compared to 14% of 69+ cohort
  • You Tube is the most effective at motivating 18-22 year olds for new product trial
  • The most “shareable” content among study participants:
    • Links sent by family or friends
    • Funny videos
    • Awareness video for a cause
    • Industry-related articles with new findings
  • Least likely to share:
    • Link to a product
    • Link to coupon codes
    • Video that evokes negative emotions (MAK: Somebody please tell the animal rights activists this!)
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